Southern Rocks Royal Family

What can I say about the Van Zant family that every Southern Rock and Lynyrd Skynyrd Fan does not know.  Well, I will begin with this:  Since I began this site with a few other folks from another site I have learned so much about this family that makes me not only a bigger fan, but I have gained so much respect for them all.  I have had the pleasure of spending a lot of time talking with Jane Van Zant and I will tell you the whole Van Zant family is the real deal.  In other words, they practice what they preach. 

Like so many of you I was devastated when Ronnie died.  I was also (like so many of you) a little hesitant when I heard the band was reforming.  But, once I listened to Johnny sing his brothers songs I was hooked again.  However, although a great tribute to Ronnie, could they write and produce new "Skynyrd" music.  Again, Johnny stepped up to the plate and hits a home run.  I am not saying he is taking Ronnie's place, nor am I saying he writes "like" Ronnie.  Johnny manages to write in his own way yet maintain that Lynyrd Skynyrd feeling and integrity.  My hat is off to Johnny.  As for those folks out there who disagree, that is your right.  However, I don't feel you have given Johnny a fair chance. 

I would love a Van Zant 3 CD to come out.  The first two CD's are magic!  Maybe to further the "3" part of it have it be Johnny, Donnie, and Jimmie.  I would also like to see Skynyrd re-release Johnny's song Brickyard Road.  So what do I say you already don't know, nothing.  Because, if you listen to Skynyrd, 38 special, Van Zant, Johnny's solo, and Jimmie you know everything.  Like I said they are the real deal.  They still live in the same area they came from, They still drive pickup trucks, and have family BBQ's.  They are as true blue Southern as they come.  Great parents, spouses, and friends who really love their fans.   We are especially blessed to have a couple of the Van Zant family as members of this site.  Johnny and Donnie have to maintain some professional distance from fan sites, understandably.  Besides, like Johnny says "you won't find me online, workin' with my hands for hours is how I spend my time". 

So what I am doing with this page is honoring the family that has contributed more to not only Southern Rock but in the lives of so many fans.  From Lacy "The Father of Southern Rock" to Ronnie, Donnie, and Johnny they have all given so much to me.  I hope this humble site and page gives a little back.  Jane,  thank you for being a friend, and making me feel like family every time I talk to ya.  In closing I want to say that Lacy as well as Sister will be greatly missed.  But all of us know Lacy is up there fishin' with Ronnie and his beloved Sister.